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New Bargains in the Born Summer Sale

The End of Season Summer Sale at Born is full of end of season and end of line bargains, and we are adding more each day!

The sale includes organic clothes by Frugi and Little Green Radicals, Vibe Strollers, pushchair accessories from Bugaboo, Joolz and phil&teds, Brio toys, baby safety equipment, Moba Moses Baskets, changing bags, carriers, maternity clothes and lots more, with reductions up to 50%!

Top Ten Festival Tips for Babies & Toddlers

First published in 2011, these tips for taking babies and toddlers to festivals are still just as vital as they were four years ago. These great tips, by Lisa from Boutique Babysitting, are all about how to make the festivals enjoyable for both parents AND children, so that the whole family have a fun, stress-free time.

1. Happy Kids = Happy Parent

What we as parents think make the festival great (headline acts, real ale, sunshine) isn’t necessarily what makes it great for kids so focus on achieving a balance of things you really want to do and things that they really want to do. I asked my 3 year old what makes festivals great for her (she will have been to over 20 by her 4th birthday) and without hesitation her answer was: my sister, my wagon, glowsticks, face paint, bubbles and my favourite blanket! The most important thing is to go with the flow and forget a rigid routine but be very mindful of their energy levels and work with it rather than against.

2. Be weather ready

When you go out in the morning pack for the day, take a rucksack full of all the things you might need. If the weather looks changeable be prepared, layering is a great way to do this. For the sun, make sure you have a hat, suncream and clothes that cover shoulders. In the rain, an all in one waterproof and wellies will make it fun for them in the mud ! A big golfing umbrella is useful in the rain and to make shade in the sun too. At night when it gets chilly, pop them in a merino base layer and they will be snuggly. My absolute top tip is pack a few cotton sarongs, they can sit on them, protect themselves from the sun and even make an outfit out of them - very versatile.

3. Think about movement 

Festivals involve a lot of walking and moving around, so if you can stretch to a radio flyer or similar wagon you will not regret it! You can use it to carry your stuff from the car to set up your tent and then everyday to move your kids and all your stuff around. It will make getting from place to place in the mud a lot easier. Also pick a stage and stay there rather than trying to dash around to catch specific acts - who knows you might see someone you have never heard of that then become your favorite new act.

4. Keep them entertained 

The best family festivals have amazingly creative kids areas, spend some time here and get involved in the activities, also take some simple things with you like bubbles, face paint or dressing up outfits. When you want to have some ‘you’ time to go and see a band, remember to take some of their favourite toys and a blanket so that they can snuggle down and play or sleep. Check if the festival offers babysitting or a type of kids club - if they start to flag after lunch or in the evening book them in to a session and then they can hang out with other kids and you can have some grown up time, best of both worlds!

5. Health and Hygiene

It's not very rock and roll but neither is a poorly child at a festival! Make sure they are drinking lots of water; take a hand sanitiser (alcohol free) and some healthy nutritious snacks and fruit to keep their energy up. It is also really important to protect their ears so get them some ear defenders and reward them for wearing them. The food at festivals is great, but remember you might have to queue and kids sometimes can’t wait so pack their favourite snacks too.

Here are some further suggestions from Born...

6. Set up early 

Try to get to the festival early to set up when you’ll have plenty of choices where to pitch – it’s really not great trying to find somewhere when all that’s left is the space near the loo’s or on a hillside miles from the music (unless that's where you want to be)!

7. Go with friends 

If you know friends are also going try to arrange to pitch near or next to each other, especially if they’re with babies or young kids. It means you can share child care duties, fetching water or queuing for veggie chilli burgers

8. Avoid 

Avoid taking babies to Pendulum, Muse, Foo Fighters or any other ear bursting acts – if it’s too loud for you it’ll be ear splitting for your little one (unless they have ear protectors!)

9. Find a spot

 If you’re going to a large, multi-stage festival we’ve found it much better to stay at one stage throughout the day, rather than moving between them in an attempt to catch all your favourite acts. By staying still you may miss a couple of acts you wanted to see but you’ll probably enjoy the day far more.

Everybody loves the sunshine, but finding a shady spot is a much better option – it’s safer plus you’ll feel less weary in the evening. And’s there’s no excuse for not taking a good sun cream for your little one and after sun lotion!

10. Sleep patterns 

Festivals are all about breaking free of normal routines, but you may be doing yourself no favours if you try to change your children’s sleep patterns - so if your baby or toddler enjoys a afternoon nap at home, they should take afternoon naps at the festival. If they go to bed at a certain hour, making that hour a wind-down time at the festival is a good goal. This will maintain the kids' sanity and make them more likely to make it through three or four days without a breakdown. Festivals are extra-exhausting, so getting kids to rest might actually be easier than you'd think.

The Ergobaby Carrier Price Match Event at Born

At Born, we're proud of being an Authorised Retailer of Ergobaby Carriers and Slings; we're proud to be one of the only places in the UK that offers Ergobaby's full range of carriers; and we're MOST proud of offering our customers the BEST online prices for Ergobaby carriers in the UK.

That's why we're holding our Ergobaby Price Match Event - we check our prices regularly to make sure we're offering our customers the best deal, but if you can find a better price online, contact us and we'll do our best to match it.

Check out our Ergobaby range and prices - the new 360 Carrier in Dusty Blue is now available for order - and don't forget, it's free shipping for orders over £40!

Ergobaby 360 in Dusty Blue at Born

Thursday, 23 July 2015

10% Off Your First Order At Borndirect! Tell Your Friends!

10% Off Your First Order at Born.

To welcome our customers to the Born Family, we are offering a lovely 10% off your first online order - no minimum order level needed - just apply BORN10 at the checkout. Don't forget to tell friends who haven't yet discovered our range of ethical and natural baby & parenting goodies!

There are a few items which we cannot offer a discount on, please see below. 

Exclusions to discount offer: 
  • Items already discounted (bundles, end of season offers etc) 
  • Special Order items - these include spare parts and items ordered in specifically for you from suppliers. We cannot discount on these as by request of our suppliers. 
  • Returns or exchanges 

If you are having any problems using your code with a specific product, please contact customer services.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Top Tips on Choosing Furniture for your Nursery

Feathering your nest.

With a little one on the way, you’ll want to create a nursery that’s cosy, welcoming and practical. Nursery furniture plays a crucial role in this, and that’s why we’ve put together a guide to help you make the right choices.

Getting started.

When you’re thinking about buying nursery furniture, here are a few things to take into account:
  • The size and shape of the room: work out whether the furniture will fit in the nursery, and whether it will be in proportion with the size of the room. Remember to allow enough space to open doors, and to move around. 
  • Existing furniture: if you already have furniture in the nursery, consider whether your purchases will co-ordinate with this. 
  • Sustainability: is the furniture made from sustainable or FSC-friendly wood? Is it ethically sourced?
  • Safety: is the furniture sturdy? Are there gaps or lids that could trap little fingers? Do drawers pull out completely? And what about sharp edges? 
  • Practicality: consider whether the furniture will do the job it’s intended to. Will it fulfil its function efficiently, and well? 

Tidy Books Bookcase at Borndirect


Babies inevitably take up lots of space for ones so small! Clothing, nappies, bedding and toys all need a place to live, so think about storage - are the drawers deep enough? Can every day essentials be reached easily?  Can your furniture be adapted and used for other things, when your baby is older? 

Changing Tables.

If there’s one thing that’s inevitable when you have a baby, it’s that you’ll have an awful lot of nappies to change. What are your nappy-changing plans?

A changing table fulfils a variety of useful functions. It provides a safe surface on which to change and dress your baby, and usually offers plenty of space to store nappies, wipes and creams. It also minimises the bending involved in nappy changing, which can ease the strain on your back.

Features to look out for:

  • Storage space: this could be open shelves, enclosed drawers, or a mixture of both. Each type of storage has its advantages: shelves keep everything within easy reach, whereas drawers store your changing accessories out of harm’s way. What’s more, you can continue using a dresser-type changing table for storage once your baby has grown out of nappies. 
  • Safety belt: to prevent your baby from rolling off the table. 
  • Protective rails: these are usually located along the sides of the table, and offer extra security for your little one. 
  • Waterproof changing pad: providing comfort for your baby, and a surface that’s easy to clean. 
  • Height: changing tables come in a variety of heights. Be sure to choose one that suits your stature. 

A changing mat can be used on the floor and can be a good option if you’re on a budget, or short of space, but think about having all your changing gear close by in an easy-to-reach box.

Leander Changing Table at Borndirect

Rocking Chairs and Gliders.

The gentle motion of a rocking chair soothes and calms your baby, and helps you unwind from the stresses of everyday life. And whether you’re feeding, relaxing, or rocking your baby to sleep, a rocking chair provides safety, comfort and support.

Alongside the baby essentials you’ll need to buy, a rocking chair may seem like an extravagance. But do bear in mind that, once your child has grown up, you can put the chair to good use elsewhere in the house.

Rocking chairs rock in an arc, and don't contain any moving parts.

Gliders move forward and backward in a sliding motion, with very little effort on your part! They tend to be highly padded, and are usually more comfortable than traditional rocking chairs.

If you like to put your feet up, many gliders come with matching ottomans to allow you to do just that.

Features to look out for:
  • Cushioned armrests: these will provide comfort and support while you’re cradling your baby. 
  • Generously proportioned seat: to accommodate you, your partner or anyone else who may use it. 
  • Cleanable cover: so that you can easily mop up any stains or spills. 
  • Good back and head support: invaluable features that add to your comfort and protect your posture. 

Olli Ella Go-Go Gliding Nursing Chair with On-It Ottoman at Borndirect

Bouncers and Loungers.

When you’re ready for a rest or need to get on with your chores, loungers and seat bouncers provide a safe and comfy place for your baby to chill out.

A bouncing or rocking motion soothes your baby, while an angled lift provides a good view of everything that’s going on – ensuring that your baby can interact with you, even when you’re occupied elsewhere.

A high-quality bouncer or lounger will support your child’s developing spine, while safety straps ensure your peace of mind. 

Levo Baby Rocker by Charlie Crane at Borndirect

Why choose your furniture from Born?

All of our nursery furniture is:
  • Durable 
  • Adaptable 
  • Safe 
  • Ethically produced 
  • Made from sustainably-produced, non-toxic organic wood 
  • Painted with chemical-free, environmentally-friendly paint 

We stock a selection of furniture in our Bristol store, and welcome you to come along and try it out. We have buckets of nursery-furnishing experience, and would love to share it with you! Don't forget to call first, just to make sure we've got stock!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Grab a Bargain at our End of Season Sale!

The Born Sale is up and running and it's a great time to grab a bargain, with discounts on baby clothes, maternity clothes, toys, changing bags, strollers, baby safety gear, bibs and muslins... the list goes on!

Our Top Picks are:

The 2014 Vibe Stroller in Cherry - now just £466.65, saving over £80! This brilliant gold medal-winning inline stroller can be converted to a double as your family grows.

Ergobaby Bundle of Joy, featuring the Organic Baby Carrier and Newborn Insert in Chocolate Brown, and a saving of over £30! Our customer reviews rave about it!
"The most comfortable baby carrier ever - This carrier was an answer to prayer. You do almost forget the baby is there, except for the fact you get adoring eyes looking up at you, like the baby's thanking you for making them so comfortable & able to be close to you."

Aigle Wellies, now just £20 - sadly, often a necessity for the British Summertime! Handmade from such high quality material that they can be passed on through generations!

Bugaboo Universal Baby Cocoon, now under £64! Gorgeous cocoon for your newborn - the bamboo charcoal fabric in the lining regulates your baby's temperature and wicks moisture, keeping them comfortable.

Frugi Organic Baby Body 3 Pack - choose from spots or sea theme and save £4 on these gorgeously soft and snuggly baby vests!

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Born & The Baby Bank Network - Helping Families in Need

By Eva Fernandes, Founder of Born.

The Baby Bank Network is a charitable organisation started in May 2015 by Becky Gilbert, Melissa Burgers and myself, Eva Fernandes. 

The Baby Bank takes baby items such as clothes, slings and nappies that have been used and loved by parents but are no longer needed, and redistributes them to parents who cannot afford to buy these items new or second hand. Reusing items saves money and is environmentally friendly. 

I personally find it shocking that families in this country have to go without. Bristol has an unacceptable level of child poverty and we want to help redress the balance by providing every family with the essential items they need to raise a baby.  There has already been interest from people who want to do this in other areas and we intend to support them in making sure all babies have their basic needs met.

The response we have had in these first few weeks has been fantastic. It's a simple idea and people have been donating lots already - the space we have had donated by The Big Yellow Self Storage Company is already too small. So our next aim is to find a warehouse space where we can clean and sort the growing number of donations.

Thanks to Born's connections with our fantastic suppliers, we will be able to obtain new items at trade price and have already secured a financial donation and end of line items from Lansinoh.  We are also lucky to have our logo and Facebook Page designed by local artist and illustrator Carys Tait.

Things are moving really fast and we already have a team taking care of social media and others looking out for funds to tap into. As a network, we want to support other organisations doing similar work. We are connected with The Bristol Re-use project which was recently set up with Bristol Green Capital funding.  We are also collaborating with The Bristol Nappy Library and the Avon and Bristol Sling Library to give families long term nappy hire kits and sling hire. 

Keep up to date with the Baby Bank Network and our activities by liking our Facebook page and taking a look at our Baby Bank website where you will find lots of information on how to donate your pre-loved baby clothes and equipment, and how to donate time and money to help us to support families in need.



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