Monday, 11 March 2013

Free Relaxation for Birth Downloads from Tracy Holloway

Relaxation for Childbirth CoverHypnosis for labour and birth works.  I've spoken to many women who have attended classes or listened to hypnosis recordings and have benefited from doing so.

I met Tracy Holloway when she used to hold Hypnosis for childbirth classes here in Bristol.  Since then her work has taken her in a different direction. Not wanting her fantastic Hypnosis recordings to go un-appreciated I asked Tracy if she would be happy to allow our customers to have access to them. She agreed, and so we have put together a page of information, a PDF Guide and free access to the 4 recordings that are designed to promote a mother to baby (heart to womb) connection, keep you relaxed during pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood.

You'll never really know how beneficial these recordings were to you, because if you do them you won't know what your birth would have been like if you hadn't.  On the page you can read Lou's story of her births in the Testimonial section, the first without having done any relaxation preparation and the second with. Make your mind up after reading them as to which birth you'd prefer and then decide if going to sleep listening to the recordings is worth giving a go.

We'd love to hear your birth stories, as the more positve ones we hear the more we can transform conciousness around birth.

Given with love

~Eva & Tracy

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